Jama Masjid was Actaully BhadraKali Hindu Temple- Proofs found by Archaeological Survey of India


Jama Masjid was built during 1424 CE in Ahmedabad (originally Karnavati) by Ahmed Shah I is originally A Hindu temple of Goddess Bhadrakali. Ahmedabad city’s original name were Bhadra, Karnavati, Rajnagar and Asaval in different eras.

अगले पेज पर देखें हैरान करने वाले सबूतों की फोटोग्राफ्स जो साबित करती हैं की जामा मस्जिद वास्तव में एक प्राचीन हिन्दू मंदिर ही है 

Starting form 7th Century to 16th Century, India was invaded by innumerous Islamic Invaders who looted out wealth and destroyed many Heritage Sites including Mediation Halls, Hindu Temples, Vedic Research Centres, Sanskrit Gurukuls and universities. 

Jama Masjid is a Living Evidence of What has been done to Destroy the very Identity of Hindus by different Invaders.

We are not saying this out of any prejudice, infact, we have gathered very significant research work and have brought these shocking proofs in front of you that will change your mind about Jama masjid forever.

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